How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot

Undoubtedly, for you, a photo session is a special day. The marvelous photos you’ll get will be a memory for all your life, decorating the walls of your house. For me, a photo session is what I derive pleasure, and positive emotions charge from. It inspires me. A photo session is a real feast. That’s why it requires a bit of preparation. So, I suggest you making it perfect together.


When you book photo shoot, I don’t only consult you on the best time for your session and photo shoot pricing. I also always give helpful advice on the style of a photo shoot. Please don’t hesitate to ask me about anything. There are several recommendations that I advise you to listen to while preparing. For more tips & hints you are always free to read my blog about photography NYC.

1. Makeup. I strongly recommend doing a professional make up for a photo session NYC. It will help you feel more comfortable, elate you, and you’ll definitely like yourself in the photos.


2. Clothing. Please try to avoid bright colors. Or if it’s, for e.g. a red shirt, let’s do it like family look for all the participants of the session. Still, the white color would be better:) Choose the cloth which is comfortable for you. It’s better to have an everyday shirt with shorts than an elegant uncomfortable dress which doesn’t let you relax. It’s better to be barefoot than on the heels which you wish to get rid of faster.  I’m really not against evening dresses and suits with bow-ties as it is a perfect match for a love story shots. The main thing is that you need to feel comfortable. Also, it’s good to have several outfits. We’ll definitely discuss all your clothing variants. Please email me photos so I can prepare in advance too.


3. Flowers. I love flowers in the photos. The bouquet of tender peonies will beautify your pictures and mood. You can choose the bouquet yourself or rely on me with it. I’ll choose the best variant depending on the style and color spectrum of your photo session.


4. The time of the photo session. While planning the date and time of your photo shoot, please avoid midday time, especially during the summer period. The better is to start at 6-7 p.m. This is due to lighting – one of the most important things of the good snapshot.


5. The last but not the least is your good mood. I’m shooting emotions. Everything else is just auxiliary factors that help to make your photo shoot in New York a special event.